Wrestling on Fire

S13E50 WreOn Fire 13-50
Wrestling on Fire proves to change the future of East Coast pro wrestling for the greater good and promises victory
S13E51 WreOn Fire 13-51
Our featured bout this week features champion vs. champion, title for title, and company versus company as ECPW Televisi...
S13E52 WreOn Fire 13-52
What a major show we have for you this week, fans! Our main event features the ECPW Tag Team Championship on the line as...
S14E01 WreOn Fire 14-01
We take a look back at an incredible 2013 and show you three great matches from last year. Our opening bout features Buz...
S14E02 WreOn Fire 14-02
Our television main event features a battle of the big men as the feud between Punisher Martinez, along with the Creeper...
S14E03 WreOn Fire 14-03
Our featured match this week pairs ECPW and Wrestling On Fire together and in opposite corners. Wrestling On Fire Televi...
S14E04 WreOn Fire 14-04
The road to the Wrestling on Fire Heavyweight Championship finally begins. Mario Savoldi Jr. rallies the WOF Troops and ...
S14E05 WreOn Fire 14-05
The Championship Tournament Continues... Josef Von Schmidt battles Joey Simmone. "Cuban Crippler" Ricky Reyes faces Craz...
S14E39 WreOn Fire 14-39
Wrestling on Fire brings to you more exciting action with Collossus vs Mikey 3D and Team Shazaam in tag-team action!Â
S14E40 WreOn Fire 14-40
Wrestling on Fire action: Timothy Plazma vs Sonny Kiss, Luca "the Sideshow Freak" w/ Vincent Valentine vs "the Game Chan...
S14E41 WreOn Fire 14-41
Wrestling on Fire action: Kraig Stagg w/ Doug Devito vs Gary Reno, Mr. Thursday Night vs Fenris Wolfe, and Team Shazaam ...